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Past Hunting Reviews

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Marcus White - 2021 Elk

Just wanted to thank Jeff and Shey for an amazing hunt for mine and Dave’s boys! The 2 boys were able to get 2 nice cow elk during the December hunt thanks to Jeff and Shey at Western Outdoor Adventures. The weather cooperated and the boys were able to put the smack down on their first cow elk! Thanks again for all you did. Can’t wait until next time!

Maury Straub - 2021 Elk

My 2 sons and I had a great hunt with you last week. We hunted the January cow elk hunt, in the Rifle area, with Garren.  He proved to be a great guide.  He was friendly, knowledgeable, and hard working.  He kept us on elk from start to finish and all 3 of us tagged out in a day and a half. We could never imagine the number of elk we saw.
Our hat is off to you and Garren for providing us with a great hunt that met, and surpassed, all expectations!

Chase - 2021 Elk


Our experience was one to remember.  The air and two feet of snow really made us work for the hunt, but our guide Ryan kept us motivated and upbeat. He was constantly planning on our next move to get us closer to them.  We saw elk every hunt and on the second day, I was able to harvest a mature cow.  My wife was able to accompany me on the hunt and the other hunter I was paired with, Brad was a great partner, and I most definitely had a more enjoyable experience with him accompanying us.  Once my cow was killed Ryan and fellow guide Klayton helped me quarter my cow keeping everything that I wanted intact.  My wife and I could not have asked for a better experience.  We hope to come back soon.

Chris Owens - 2021 Elk Hunt

Hey Jeff,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much dad and I enjoyed our hunt. Klayton did a great job at finding elk and putting us onto position to shoot. Hopefully, we can do it again next year. One other thing, if you have hats, we would both like to buy one for a souvenir. Let me know if you do that.

Jon Doom - 2021

A huge thank you on a awesome hunt. Colt and the other two guides were incredible. The hunt met all my expectations and more. Nice to know there are young men out there like those 3. Again thanks for the memories.

Payne Murray - 2021

After taking a couple weeks to decompress from the my hunt with you guys, I wanted to send an email and tell you how amazing my trip, cow elk hunting with you guys was. My guide was amazing, the land was beautiful, and I was successful in harvesting a beautiful mature cow elk from a large healthy herd.

More over, it was a real hunt, nothing guaranteed, when I did get my elk I didn’t think I had earned it I knew it. This was an authentic elk hunt that was fun and would have been a great trip, even if I hadn’t been successful, getting my elk on the second day was just the cherry on top. 
I can’t wait to come back, you guys have a customer for life.

Glenn McCullough - 2021 Elk Hunt

Good evening Jeff,

First, I want to thank you for providing an awesome hunt experience! You may only receive negative comments from your clients but I wanted to give you some positive feedback. I want to apologize for the length of this email but I have some things that need to be said.

I felt right at home with the guides and felt a kindred hunting spirit among them. Those guys were “my people” if you know what I mean.
The cabin we stayed at was inviting and comfortable. I enjoyed the camaraderie among the other hunters and the cooks. The meals were great and the service the cooks provided was awesome including getting up at 4 to cook breakfast and make us sandwiches.

The hunt terrain was a lot harder than the website described. Myself and the other hunter on my trip are in really great shape and even we had a tough time with Dozer Hill every day! However, once we made the journey, the area was amazing! If you have not heard, our guide, Adam, put us within 25 yards of 2 elks on Tuesday morning, right at daybreak! It was the most exhilarating hunt of my life! I drew back twice! I was not prepared for the adrenaline rush and unfortunately made a high shot. I hit him in his back lung and did get lots of blood and lung butter, but after 400 plus yards of tracking blood, the trail ended. Regrettably we had to end the search and I left without the meat or the trophy. Adam went above and beyond trying to help me find this elk. Then the weather came and kicked our ass. It rained and was so foggy for the last 2 days of the hunt, we couldn’t see more than 20 feet in front of us. Despite the heat for the first 2 days and the cold rain the last 2, it was an overall incredible experience I would like to do again! Just NOT at that camp with Dozer Hill!!!!

I want to sincerely apologize to you and your staff for my bad shot. I have trained and shot thousands of arrows to prepare for this trip, and have killed my last 2 whitetails with my bow. I should have practiced with my heart rate elevated!

Overall this was an amazing experience and our interactions with Adam, Nate, Cody and Nick will last us a lifetime.

Matt Smith - Elk 2020

I wanted to give you a more thorough review of our hunt now that I’ve had a little time to think and thaw out…

Colt was outstanding. He put us on elk within the first 30-45 minutes of opening day. If not for my rushing, I would have harvested a cow elk. Colt put us on elk the next two days as well. While neither Rick or I were able to get a shot off, Colt absolutely did his job. We didn’t see elk the last two days, but that was more than likely due to the snow accumulation than anything that Colt could or could not have done. Assuming that Colt is still hanging around when we return, I’d welcome the opportunity to hunt with him again as our guide.

I did not have a chance to hunt with Blake, but super nice fella and very interesting to talk with about his forest fire fighting career.

Jim cooked excellent meals everyday. We loved the venison stroganoff, pronghorn burgers, breakfast, chicken & dumplings and desserts. Jim was also great to have conversations with.

All three fellas absolutely made the trip unforgettable.

Finally, Jonathan, Ty and Emily made our trip into and out of the mountains as safe and efficient as possible. They knew the trail well and pointed out places that we needed to pay extra attention. It was nice to talk with Jonathan about South Carolina. His two boys were born at the same hospital as my kids and Rick’s kids. Small world…

Just wanted you to know that we had an excellent time. Colt, Blake and Jim were outstanding and I would be happy to serve as a reference should any prospective hunter want to discuss your operation.

Scott Brumley - Kids Cow Elk 2020

I just wanted to send a note saying, thank you. CJ did an outstanding job and the kids really enjoyed themselves. We’ll be booking with you again for next January. I’m going to try to take my daughter back up later this month or next for a weekend before her tag expires and try to get it done on some of the public. Once again, thank you and happy holidays.

Kevin Payne - 2021 Elk

I send more detail later but what a week!  Going home meatless, but that’s part of the deal with hunting. I went toe to toe multiple times with a great 5×6, I could have easily stuck a cow that was protecting him.  The guides and setting was awesome! Cauy was a great guide, I really enjoyed my time with him, a remarkable young man. As for Joe! What a individual! He educated me and makes a mean cup of coffee! If hunt with either of them anytime!
Thank you!

Aaron Craft - 2020 Elk

First off, on behalf of me and my dad, I would like to thank you for a good time last week on our cow elk hunt. Me really liked our guide Ty, he was very knowledgeable and is a great asset to your operation. With all that being said I think we would be interested in coming out next year to hunt elk with you again.  Thanks again!

Aaron Craft

Don & Ashley Mills - 2020 Elk

Dear Jeff,
I have been meaning to write to you for some time since Ashley’s and my guided elk hunt of Nov. 8-13, 2020.

We were very disappointed to not have shot an elk or even see one.  This was Ashley’s 3rd year of hunting and although she has hunted very hard she has yet to bag her first elk.

With that said, I want to express our gratitude to Cody for trying his best to put us where the elk were. I think he worked extra hard to make our hunt successful but the elk did not corporate. Ashley and I learned a lot form him and he was very knowledgable. He was also very patient with our questions and my speed of hiking.

I would also like to express our gratitude to both Nate and Nick.  Although they were not our guides, they both help us a lot in camp. They made our stay much more pleasant with their helping hands as well as their ideas as to where and how to hunt.

Additionally, I want to mention that Kurt was a great cook. His field lunches and hot coffee for my thermos were greatly needed and appreciated.

You have assembled a great team of guys. Ashley and I enjoyed sharing means and listening to all the stories of these fine men.

As the saying goes,”There is always next year.” I do not think we will be able to afford another guided hunt but we will do our best to use the lessons Cody, Nate and Nick shared with us.

God bless you all,
Don & Ashley Mills

Ed Centers - 2020 Deer Hunt

Hi Jeff just wanted to compliment you on a good hunting experience. Both Bo and Terry made every effort to get us on animals which was very much appreciated. Also the boys that helped me bring that buck in on the last day of the hunt we’re awesome. I did not get their names so if you could send me that I would very much appreciate it.

Colby & Ron Hamon - 2020

Your operation is top notch. My father and I want to send our appreciation to you, and our guide CJ. Western Outdoor Adventures went above and beyond all expectations to ensure an enjoyable hunt. There is no doubt that while hunting with your operation, that you will have an opportunity for the game that you came for. CJ showed us the utmost professionalism, hard word, dedication, and expertise that I have very rarely come across in any industry. His honesty, and values are in keeping with the highest morals; CJ sets the standard for a hunting guide. He is the example that all should follow. We look forward to hunting with you in the future.

Daniel O'Connor - 2020

This was one of the coolest hunts I have been on, and was able to share the adventure with my dad. Thanks to Jeff Musgrave Western Outdoor Adventures, and our guide Cody for making the hunt happen, and camp chef Kurt for making the food happen. Shout out to Nate Koester who got Will, and AJ on their bull elk.

Tom - 2020

I am in my 50s now and have been a hunter all of my life. In the beginning, I hunted on farms of family and friends, but as my firepower, geographical and species bandwidths have increased, guided hunts have become more common for me. I have not had much success with “hunt brokers”, so I have learned to go right to the source.

It is important for me to find someone that is easy to work with, who provides thorough, honest and transparent information, listens to my expectations for the hunt, and has high ethics and a solid moral compass.

Jeff and Western Outdoor Adventures has been exactly the type of outfitter I enjoy working with. Jeff (the owner) and my guide (Cody) were exceptional in helping me plan my nephew’s first hunt and they were genuinely interested in ensuring that he had a good time. Not only were they knowledgeable about the territory and the animals on the land (they had pre-scouted for behaviors and herd patterns for days), but they took exceptional care to understand my nephew’s skill level, expectations and limitations.

Western Outdoor Adventures has great and genuine people, great hunt locations and cuisine and my nephew and I can’t wait to go back this fall.

Tim Yoder - 2020

Had a heck of a hunt! We saw elk almost every day. And two of us shot an elk!!

Ryan and Daryl - 2020 Bear Hunt

Hey Jeff just wanted to say thanks for such a great experience really want to give a huge shout out to all your men they all went above an beyond of what we expected especially ty Johnathan Jim an Nate an John also what little we were around him the food was phenomenal I would also like to throw out that Jim could really use a propane oven if at all possible again thanks so much for a great memorable experience sincerely.

Chris Sanders – 2020 Archery Elk Hunt

My first archery elk hunt was everything I had dreamed of for almost 50 years. Jeff and the crew from Western Outdoor Adventures were wonderful. I didn’t get an elk although we had couple really close encounters the last two days after three days when the elk were completely shut down. The weather was beautiful. The scenery was awesome with the aspens just starting to change colors. Camping in the mountains in September couldn’t have been better. Jim kept me feed very well so I could keep up with my young guide Nate. We had elk steaks, elk burgers, fresh trout from Bailey Lake. Nate worked his butt off trying to find the elk for me and took it very personal when they wouldn’t answer his calls. All in all I couldn’t have asked for more and can’t wait to go back!!!

Todd Fuhrey - Elk 2020

Hi Jeff,
Just want to drop a note about our recent archery hunt with you folks.
The camp location was perfect with stunning views! Thanks for that.
We worked multiple bull elk every single day. Never have we had so much action!
Only once did we hear a bull on top of the mountain. They were always in the same place. On the bottom of the mountain near the private land fence. It was obvious they knew where they were safe.
The wind worked against us on most days as the prevailing wind was always down the mountain in the morning. Finally with a slight change in the weather, the wind reversed direction and was blowing up the mountain. This made it much easier to call them into bow range. Gary was sucessful with a kill of a 5 X 7 bull that day.
The following day, with the wind still at our advantage, I got a shot at a nice bull but hit sticks instead of him. He’s still going strong.
Thanks to your boys for hauling all that water to us and a special thanks to Ty and Jonathan for helping us two old guys get Gary’s elk meat out of that hole before it spoiled in the warm temperatures!!
Overall a fantastic hunt, but those blowdowns on that side hill sure put manners on us!
Thanks for the opportunity and good luck for the rest of the remaining seasons.
Todd Fuhrey

Chris Jenkins - 2020 Elk Hunt

I can’t say enough good things about Jeff and Western Outdoor Adventures. Things did not work out for me to kill an elk this trip, but I had a couple close calls. I also had a bum back for the trip and my guide Clayton worked his butt off to try to get me a shot. It is always good to hear reviews from successful hunters, but as an unsuccessful (only kill wise), I would still recommend Western Outdoor Adventures. I know I will be going back for more hunts with them.

Bethany Zuver - 2020

We booked a DIY Pronghorn hunt with Western Outdoor Adventures and could not be more grateful to Jeff and his team! After our drive from Portland, Oregon, Jeff personally met us to talk us through our hunt set-up, offer his advice and let us know he was on call for whatever came up. He and his crew made sure we were set up in the bunk house, that we had everything we needed and gave us local recommendations for groceries and hunting gear. He made sure we knew the boundaries in his property and even reached out two a few others families who let us come on their property as well.

We spent two long, hot days hunting Pronghorn on his property and had 5 beautiful bucks to choose from, no shortage of excitement and Jeff was readily available when we text/called with questions. His advice PAID OFF and my husband shot a beautiful buck with his bow after a great 8 hour spot-and-stalk. Jeff, Nate and Jonathan came to help us corner the buck at the end of the hunt in 92 degree weather – on their own time and out of their own desire to HELP, it was above and beyond what we expected any guide to do, especially on a DIY hunt. Jeff set us up with the butcher long after he was closed and a taxidermist as well, the same evening. We had an issue with our truck alignment being off and Jeff got us in touch with a mechanic in town and our truck was in the shop by 7:30am the very next morning!

The following night we all met up for dinner and it was a fun, memorable experience – we’ve already booked 3 more hunts and strongly recommend Western Outdoor Adventures to anyone looking for a once in a lifetime experience with an excellent team who genuinely cares about their hunters!

Tom Gates - Mule Deer Hunt - 2018

Hey Jeff!

I would like to sincerely thank you, Shey, your boys and your staff for a truly exciting and successful mule deer hunt on October 20th! In my 57 years of hunting, I have never been so impressed with the quality, organization and detail of your operation.

It was by far not just luck or a chance happening that 4 of 6 mule deer hunters at my ranch location tagged-out on day one with the other 2 having had shot opportunities. I have learned over the years that many many little details combine in making a trophy opportunity a common occurrence. You have the finest ranches, with many of your guides living on those ranches; watching the deer all year long. You have outstanding equipment and communication with each other. Your properties are not over hunted and lastly your dedication to provide the greatest results possible for your hunters is priceless!

I saw over 130 deer in one- and one-half days on one ranch. About 15 of them being ‘shooters’ (150” or better). It’s nice to have choices! I was so impressed with your commitment. After taking my buck; you said to me – “I have a DAV hunter who needs to get a good buck – lets go help them”. We did and the result was outstanding. He shot and exceptional buck and couldn’t stop smiling all day!! A memory that will last him (and me) for the rest of our lives.

Please feel free to give my phone number to anyone who wants information or a recommendation from one of your hunters. I will be back next year!


Rick - 2019 Archery Hunt

Hi Jeff

I want to thank you for putting together such a great Elk camp.  I’ve been on two other Elk hunts and yours has been the Best!  I wasn’t able to come home with a trophy, but it was the closest that I had ever come to doing so.  Your camp, guides, cook, and gear are all top notch!  They all work hard and are good at what they do.  They made the difference!  They made it fun.  The game seen was more than my two previous hunts combined.  Great area. I just wish it was a little flatter.  LOL.  So the hunt was a success for me.  Feel free to use me as a reference in the future

Brian Anderson - 2019 High Country DIY Hunt

We arrived back in Pennsylvania early this morning around 1. Travels were good and thank you for providing us with a Colorado experience it was wonderful. I miss it and can’t wait to get back.

David Slate - 2019 Bear Hunt

Hey Jeff and Shey just wanted to let you know I had a great time bear hunting with Brock as guide this year. The high winds made hunting a little difficult but Brock was amazing in his pursuit of an animal for us. I was wondering weather you had any late season cow hunts still available for this year and if so what dates might be available?

Brian S. - 2018

There is a lot to like about WOA Outfitters! I booked an antelope, mule deer and elk hunt with them in 2018. The outfitter and his wife run an outstanding operation and are local to the hunting area. The guides are knowledgeable and will put you on game fast; as they know right where to go. There is sufficient game that you can glass several animals to select the one to harvest for your particular interest. They meat processing and Euro mounting are made easy and reasonably priced. The accommodations are awesome and the ranchers I stayed with made me feel right at home. I didn’t want to leave! The outfitter leases tens of thousands of acres of land and manages the game expertly. They are very careful to let the game quality mature and improve by providing sanctuary areas. The outfitter and his guides are just great people to hunt with as well. I would highly recommend WOA and plan to return.20

Mark Frazier - Archery Elk Hunt - 2017

Jeff, a big thank you for the experience of hunting for elk with a bow. Even though the bulls and weather were uncooperative, you and your guides worked very hard and left me with some great memories, especially the elk that I needed “1 more step”. Great week. Your new cook, Rebecca always made the return to the lodge memorable with the fantastic food that she always had waiting. Again, thanks for the great experience.

Clint W. - 2018

I had a great time hunting with you during archery season. Though I did not have a shot opportunity I was able to see plenty of elk, bear and muley’s so it wasn’t for a lack of animals. When I booked the trip I realized it may be tough hunting with the full moon most of the time and it being in the 90’s certainly did not help. Aside from the hunting the accommodations were great, your family was very welcoming and the food was OUTSTANDING! My compliments again to the cooks for keeping me well fed all week. I sure hope I can do it again in the near future.

Marc - 2018 - 2nd Season Rifle Hunt

Jeff and crew at Western Outdoor Adventures, I want to thank you for such a memorable experience. The food and accommodations were excellent, as well as the hospitality. The deer hunting was far beyond anything I could have ever expected. During our hunt we saw hundreds of deer, and were fortunate enough to harvest 2 beautiful mule deer bucks. The guides are knowledgeable and worked hard to get us the opportunity at our deer. Thank you again, Marc

Marcus H. - Elk Hunt - 2017

Jeff Musgrave, I’d like to thank you, your crew and your family for the great time this year. Dave, John and I had a wonderful time on our first archery elk hunt. Appreciated all the advice, the awesome food (thanks to the cooks again), the accommodations and the all around great time. Seeing all the animals and having the opportunities we did was a great experience. Getting to kill my first elk with my dad and one of my best friends was just icing on the cake! We’ve had 2 outstanding years with you and your crew and can’t wait to have more. You and I hit it off a few years ago and I consider you a friend and cannot wait to start next years trip already. We’ll be doing a rifle hunt most likely during the 2nd or 3rd season and hope to have my youngest son with me as well. Can’t wait to see the new lodge also. Hope the rest of seasons goes well for you and your hunters! Good luck!!


Dave H. - 2014 - 2015 - 2016

Western Outdoor Adventures,

I would like to thank Jeff and his staff for a most memorable trip to meeker Colorado. I have only hunted Colorado for two years which was guided by western outdoor adventures and have fallen in love with the hunting areas that Jeff has taken me into hunt. This is a solid place to come. Jeff and his team where all straight forward everything they described and showed me on the trail cameras was right on and meet all my expectations. The food his cook made for us daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner was better than most quality restaurants and defiantly made the experience that much better. My first year with Jeff I was able to harvest a nice 4×4 mule deer, if I had not gotten buck fever the opportunity to harvest bigger deer defiantly showed itself we saw many quality deer during the week I was there.

It was second rifle season (October 2014) with moderate weather. My second year was an archery elk hunt ( September 2015) and this was an adrenaline rush. Jeff was able to show us quality bulls every day we hunted for a week. The weather was unusually hot and the elk had not started talking yet while we were there so Jeff had his work cut out for him and after spotting a couple of bulls on a hill side he was able to get us into shooting distance and called the bulls in to 20 yards, but with all the excitement shooter error, the opportunity was there. This was my first archery elk hunt and it was everything I had hoped it would be thanks to western outdoor adventures. I would recommend this outfitter and plan to continue my hunts with them in the future. Jeff treated us like we were  part of his family and the hospitality provided was outstanding.

Thank you.

Danny P. - Mule Deer Hunt - 2017

Western Outdoors Adventures, Jeff and Shey, 

We wanted to thank you for our recent hunting experience. There are many opportunities in life that leave a lasting impression,  we recently experienced one of those with our hunt booked with you. From the time we arrived, until we left, your service was exceptional. The accommodations were great, the food was excellent and the hunt was incredible. Seeing so many mule deer was so exciting and I had the opportunity to pick through the bucks until I found one that suited. We appreciated being made to feel like part of your family and we will be coming back!

Joe J. - Elk Hunt - 2017

I hunted with Western Outdoor Adventures in September for elk with my bow for 5 days. The weather was hot and the elk were not bugling much which made the hunting difficult.

Jeff and his guide, did everything that a hunter can expect to get me on elk during my hunt. While I did not connect with an elk,  I was very satisfied with my hunt. 

The effort was excellent, accommodations were fine, and the food was out of this world! I plan to come back again next year and hunt with them again.

Jon C. - Mule Deer Hunt - 2016

I hunted with WOA this year and had a wonderful experience. The weather was plus or minus but the outfitters can not control that. All in all the entire experience was very positive. The food was good and it was great to be able to have dinner with Jeff and his family. As to the hunting experience Jeff and his guides worked very hard for the hunters. We hunted both mule deer and elk. We had 3 hunters and we harvested 3 deer and 2 elk. I was the only one without an elk but Jeff got me into opportunity to score but I had problems with my reloads not working with my rifle. Overall, I would recommend WOA and I plan on hunting with them again.

David Z. - 2016

Hi Jeff,

We were sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk to you before we left on Monday. We decided to pack up and get on the road and we had a very uneventful drive home. It was long, nearly 6 hours, but no issues.

My dad and I had a great time hunting with you. Although we were disappointed we didn’t get anything, we know it was not from a lack of effort. That last stalk was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it. I just wish I could have finished it off with a successful shot.

Again, thanks for everything you did and hope you enjoy a little time off now.

Best regards

Colby L. - 2017

I was really impressed with the experience of the outfitter and all of the guides. They made sure they met all of our needs and made sure we had enough food. The food was EXCELLENT!!! We hunted hard and seen some elk but couldn’t get close enough to them. Jeff Musgrave will work his butt off to try to get everyone on elk and his wife is a really big help with everything going on as well

Matt K. - 2016

Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to say thanks again for a once in a lifetime hunt.  To get such a great animal was more than I could have ever hoped for!  Never dreamed in a million years that I would have an opportunity at an animal of that quality.  Still can’t believe it.  On top of that the accommodations and food were both excellent!  I could not have asked for more.

How did the other hunters end up doing?  When I left on Monday morning Kip and I had bulls and the one gentleman from New York had a shot opportunity, but missed.  Any more success throughout the week?

Take Care,

Dave B. - 2015

Thanks for the great hunt with Western Outdoor Adventures.   In spite of some tough conditions, we were successful in bagging a nice mule deer and a great bull elk.   The guide that you paired me with was phenomenal.   One of the best finders of game I have ever seen – he could glass a field in 15 seconds and spot all the game within that area.   He was the best guide I have ever had.
The land we hunted was beautiful.   Northwest Colorado is one of the few unspoiled areas in the country.   Also, the number of deer we saw was high – I passed on 4 bucks before we took the one that we harvested.   It was a great western hunting experience.
Thanks again for your help.

Clint R. - 2017

Hey just wanted to thank you for the first class, all around best hunting vacation, and Colorado experience!
Thanks again to your cook , what a magnificent spread y’all put out, if you don’t need him during the off season he can work at my house down here in Texas. We had such a great time we are still talking about it especially when we get together and enjoy the meat, by the way the, the processor you use does amazing work meat is clean and well cut. They say hospitality is #1 here in Texas, but mabe they haven’t been to Meeker Colorado, y’all treated us like family friends and that made it a comfortable and fun trip. Well here’s to you and your crew ,best guides, cooks, and outfitters in CO.
In Christ
Deep in the heart of Texas

Ryan F. - 2015


I wanted to thank you for the amazing hunt!  I gave you a pretty tough task with asking to get two animals in 2 1/2 days.  You definitely came through for me.  Now I have two amazing trophies and the memories to go along with it.  My dad has been talking about it to all of his friends ever since we got home.  The food was great and the accommodations were very comfortable.  We will definitely be back again.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Tony S. - 2015

This was my first archery elk hunt in Colorado and man was it a success. I tried to hunt public land in Colorado with my rifle for the first year as a resident but all I found were other hunters in blaze orange. Every lookout point I sat to glass I could see orange for miles and miles and it only made me less eager to hunt public lands. With disappointment to rifle hunting I decided to go back to my bow the second year and that’s where I called up Jeff at Western Outdoor Adventures and spoke to him about getting to know some country in the meeker area.

As Jeff guided me through different areas of his private and public land we hunted and saw multiple bulls which were just amazing to sit and watch. Most importantly, Jeff and I became great friends during this experience and I would gladly go back for the opportunity to harvest another great bull elk. Jeff and his family were incredible and the outfit he runs can’t be beat. Aside from being successful; the hospitality, the meals, and the lodging were just what was needed at the end of a long day of hunting. I left Western Outdoor Adventures with great new friends and the desire to return in future years. THANKS TO WESTERN OUTDOOR ADVENTURES FOR THE 2015 EXPERIENCE!