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Big Game Hunting Reviews

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Here’s what a few of our customers have had to say about us. Have a testimonial of your own to share? Email us your story and attach a photo, we will put you on our Big Game Hunting Reviews page.

Chuck Van Devander - 2023 Mule Deer


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how phenomenal your guides were while we were there.  When we first pulled up and saw a group of very young guys standing there I was concerned.  How could a group of guys barely legal drinking age be any good at guiding, but boy was I wrong.  Cuay was our primary guide and he was fantastic.  He put us on deer every day and elk almost every day.  I had both my deer and elk in the first two and a half days.  I was hunting for meat so didn’t need a monster, but I ended up with a really nice 4×4 buck and 5×5 bull.  My hunting partner, Chris, was looking for something larger and passed on numerous deer and elk.  When it came to the last day, Joby, Clayton and Laine jumped in to help guide, scope and spot even though their hunters had already left.  Clayton and Laine spotted a tank of a mule deer and Joby and Cuay guided us to a location where Chris was able to put him down.  About two hours later, Cuay spotted a nice 6×6 and he and Joby led us on the stalk that got Chris within shooting range.  His shot was a clear hit but the elk made it into the trees and out of sight.  Joby and Cauy suggested we leave the elk alone so he might lay down without going too far.   We went back after dark to trail and find him.  Sure enough, we had him within 30 minutes of following the blood trail.  At that point it was getting late, it was the last day of the season and all 4 guides were going to head back to their hometowns.  But even though it was late, all 4 guys stayed and not only helped get the elk off the mountain, but also stayed to help gut and quarter both the deer and the elk.  An amazing showing of teamwork and dedication to both Chris and me.   Bottom line the hunt was successful in every way.  We both tagged out and we had a great time with a really fun and knowledgeable group of guides.  We will definitely be back.

Al Reuter - 2023

Jeff, Garrett was fantastic, you run a 1st class operation.

Jodie Koonce - 2022

Thank you for arranging a successful hunt for me. I really enjoyed it even though it only lasted 1 1/2 hours before this great elk hit the ground. Ty was great. He knew how far to push me and let me rest when I needed it. Which was often. Will definitely recommend you to my friends looking for a great hun
Thank you again

Brandon Gillooly - 2022

This has taken me longer to get to than I wanted but things have been busy since I got home. I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much we enjoyed your operation. For starters your properties were amazing. We were seeing hundreds of elk a day with multiple legal bulls and the mule deer, at some point we stopped counting them but the amount of quality bucks we saw had us wishing that we had tags for them. The other thing that had us blown away were your guides. We hunted with Garren and he was knowledgeable, friendly and hard working right up to the end and then some. We also got to spend some time with Blase who we also had a very high opinion of. I haven’t done very many guided hunts over the course of my life but you and your team have definitely set the standard for what they should be. If you ever need a reference I’m happy to be one. Thank you to all involved in making this such a fantastic experience and I look forward to hunting with you again.

Steve Coel - 2022

Hi Jeff, Steve Coel here, Ray and I just tagged out at Newcastle ranch. We’ve been on a lot of hunts but Ryan and Garren went over and above to make our hunt amazing! The way they sacrificed their trucks to get our elk out was something I will never forget. The way they put us on elk was perfect. 2 great guides. I also would be interested in booking this ranch next year 3rd rifle if you have it open. Thanks again Steve Coel.

Sierra Deitz - Elk 2022

I just wanted to take time to tell everyone what a great experience I have had with Western Outdoor Adventures. My dad and I have now hunted with Jeff three different times. Twice we did the DIY hunts and went on a guided hunt this year.

Each time has been truly great hunts and experiences. Jeff and his guides have always went above and beyond to make sure that we have not only been on game but have enjoyed a quality experience. Jeff has always been very up front and totally honest from the first conversation I had with him.

He has a great team of guides that are extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend using there service for any western big game hunting trip that you are planning.

Roger Logan - Elk 2022

Thanks for a great hunt and for helping get my tags. Clayton is great guide. We saw lots of elk and had a great time. When I come back I be going with you all again. I’ll hold out for a bigg one next time. I’ve already recommended you to several potential clients. Can’t say enough about your outfit. Wish you all the best

Brian Gallagher - 2022

Hey Jeff just wanted to email you that my trip was awesome I really appreciate how everything went the guides are awesome people extremely friendly and made sure I had a great time. 

I will be back next time with a few buddies


Andy Mercer - 2022 Elk

Hi Jeff, I just wanted to say thanks for a great hunt! I know conditions were tougher this year but Ryan did great and had us into action almost the entire time.

Thanks again!


Chris and Stephen - 2022 Elk

Hi Jeff,
We just wanted to let you know how pleased we were to get Ryan as a guide. He put us on a ton of elk and then once we filled our tags, he spent all night and some of the next morning dressing and hauling it out.  If I was younger, I would be back next season to hunt with him again.
Thank you for an unforgettable experience.
Chris and Stephen

Steve Liberta - 2022 Elk

I want to thank you and your staff for an unbelievable experience.  I had the opportunity to kill several 5×5’s and I passed.  As I told you in the meeting I wanted a mature bull.
Coy put me on a mature bull and we hunted him everyday but he out smarted us.  Each and everyday Coy put me in position to see elk and hunt our 6×6.  I am grateful.
Please let me know how early I have to sign up for 2023 first elk season and how late I can confirm.
Thank you

Brad Rassmusen - 2022 Elk


I’ve hunted the New Castle cow elk hunt with Western Outdoor Adventures two consecutive years with success. This hunt is an economical way to experience a guided western hunt, with an excellent opportunity to bring home some of the best meat that Mother Nature has to offer. I can’t say enough about my guide, Ryan. He is one tough, hard charging kid who kept putting us on one opportunity after another despite our failures on days 1 & 2. He never once got frustrated with us, but instead kept moving forward with his great attitude, and put us in a position on day 3, which both my partner & I capitalized on. On a side note: If you are able to arrive on this hunt one day early, I would highly recommend that you go to the range nearby to verify the zero of your rifle, regardless of how it was shooting at home. I speak from experience.

Kerri - 2022 Elk

I wanted to think you and Ryan for amazing hunt. Ryan found out this was my fist gun, and  guild hunt and he stayed right with me and help me. We will definitely be back again.


Dennis - 2022 Elk Hunt

I just wanted to reach out and commend your guys for another great late season cow hunt. Klayton was a great guide for me, and it was a pleasure spending time with Cauy again. It was my first-time meeting Joby but he was extremely helpful as well. The four other hunters were a pleasure to spend time with as well. I had figured on this being my last hunt, but it was so much fun I will have to think about it a bit. Thanks again.

Hung Tang - 2022 Elk Hunt


Just to let you know we had a successful hunt! James got his elk on day 2 and I got mine on day 3. It was a great experience. Jobe, Clayton and Coy were fantastic guides! You got a great team.


Hung Tang

Kerry Caines - 2022 - Elk

Hi Jeff,

I returned home yesterday from a successful Elk Cow hunt with guide Ryan Del Rio. Attached (via text) is a photo of just one one of my beautiful back straps. Ryan was a pleasure to hunt with. I have never met a more knowledgeable, patient and ethical young man. He is a master of the gutless field dressing method and no meat was wasted from my harvest. I truly enjoyed my hunting experience and the amount of hunting knowledge gained from Ryan. He is certainly an asset to your team, I recommend you keep him on the payroll. Best wishes to you and your fine operation. Hope to hunt with you again soon.


Kerry Caines

Brian Gallagher - 2022 Elk Hunt

Hey Jeff just wanted to email you that my trip was awesome I really appreciate how everything went the guides are awesome people extremely friendly and made sure I had a great time.

I will be back next time with a few buddies