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DIY Big Game Hunts in Colorado

Colorado Semi-Guided Hunts

Western Outdoor Adventures LLC is bonded & insured - Outfitter License #2984

Come hunt over 1040 acres of elk migration land in GMU 3, Maybell, Colorado. Completely set up for your own diy/ semi guided style of hunting. The property has 7 comfortable shooting bunk houses that all include a set of bunk beds, and propane heat. There is a bathroom just outside each shooting house. You may cook outside you shooting house, just not inside.

There are also 6 campers, and an office shed where you will be able to find one of our staff members to assist you in gutting and getting your animal out of the field to a long meat hanging rack. Once your animal is recovered, it will be your own responsibility to get it to a processing plant in Craig Colorado.

Once you arrive at your shooting bunk house or camper, you will be staying there for the time of your allowed dates. You will not be walking or driving around on the property during your stay, unless you book one of our campers and then you will be able to drive only in a truck, not a 4-wheeler or side by side on a private road to access that property to the hard to get to public land in which you can hunt also adding an additional 2400 acres.

Our property is off grid property which includes a solar well, and water system. We try to keep movement down to a minimum. The property sits at 6500 feet of elevation, is rolling hills covered with sage. Located 12 miles north of the Maybell park, and 52 miles from the HDN airport. Known as the “Elk Hunting Capitol of the World” for a reason.

Tallent Ranch Unit 3



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    If you wound any animal and don’t recover it, your hunt may be over unless the outfitter determines it was nonlethal or for some reason was determined unrecoverable.

    Note: Bull elk licenses are over the counter for 2nd and 3rd seasons.

    If you were born on or after January 1, 1949, you must have a hunter education card or certificate before applying for or purchasing a license in Colorado.

    For more information go to the Department’s website: Colorado Hunter Education

    For complete information on Colorado Hunting Seasons visit: Colorado Parks & Wildlife Hunting Seasons